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The 4th Iranian Congress of Medical Bacteriology, Babol, 18-20 Oct 2017   ( below)



About Rayen

Our name is taken from Rayen Castel in Iran.Rayen Castle was inhabited until 150 years ago and, although believed to be at least 1,000 years old, may in fact have foundations from the Sassanid era.The Rayen city is honor to host the 4th Iranian highest mountain peak of Hezar with 4500 meters elevation.  

  1-The13th Professor Alborzi International Clinical Microbiology Congress (ICCM) , Shiraz, 8-10 Oct 2019

سيزدهمين کنکره ميکروبشناسی بالينی ايران ، شيراز ، 16 الی 18 مهر 98

2- The 20th Iran's International Congress of Microbiology, 27-29 Aug 2019, Kerman

بيستمين کنگره ميکروبشناسی   ايران ،  کرمان ، 5 الی 7 شهريور ماه 1398


We proudly announce that since June 2017, we have started our cooperation with Interlock, headquartered in Germany to supply a wide range of sterilization products for Central Sterilization Department (CSD) in Iran. 

For more information please visit :

The Liofilchem MIC strips is available in wide range now. 

Rayen will be introducing a new website for CSSD related products. You will find more information on Terragene SRL on 

Rayen Biotechnology

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  • Bacterial ID Kits
  • ANtibiotic discs
  • Bacteria antisera
  • Culture media 
  • Latex  kits
  • MIC Antibiotic strips
  • ​sterilization indicators

Announcement : 

The new website dedicated to sterilization field in hospital setting is launched. Please visit :